3-D Map of Air Pollution in London » Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the 3D map?

See the Help button on the map application.

What are the triangles?

3D views of London are available on the map. Just click on one of these to see air pollution over Hyde Park, St Paul�s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Waterloo...

What is the little map for?

Use the slider on the little map to zoom the big map window. When zoomed, move the highlighted area on little map to travel around London.

What is air pollution?

Air pollutants are gases and particles in the atmosphere that are harmful to health. More..

What are the health effects of air pollution?

Air pollution has been linked to heath effects. More...
The health effects of each pollutant have been used to set Objectives for ambient concentrations.

What are the UK Air Quality Strategy Objectives for the pollutants shown on the 3D map?

There are separate Objectives for each pollutant that should be achieved by 2005. In each case these objectives are coloured red in the 3D maps. By 2005 the annual mean nitrogen dioxide concentration should be less than 40 �g m-3. For PM10 particulate there are two objectives shown; the annual mean concentration should be less than 40 �g m-3 and also mean PM10 particulate concentration should exceed 50 �g m-3 on more than 35 days per year.

How were the 3D pollution maps produced?

The 3D pollution maps were created by fusing pollution predictions and 3D maps for London. The 3D maps were produced by The Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London. The pollution predictions were created by the Environmental Research Group. More�

Who sponsored the project?

More information about air pollution?

A starter guide to air pollution can be found here�

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