3-D Map of Air Pollution in London


  • This 3D model shows air pollution across 63 sq km (9km x 7km) of central London.
  • It allows users to visualise air pollution in the areas that they work, live or walk.
  • Pollution concentrations are shown for 2003 and predictions of future air quality can be viewed to 2010 clearly showing the improvements arising from air quality abatement measures.
  • Transport planners can identify the most polluted parts of London. Urban planners will be able to see how building density affects pollution concentrations in the City and other high density areas.
  • The facilities can also be used by students to understand pollution sources and dispersion characteristics.
  • Please note the 3D map has a minimum PC and bandwidth specification for optimum viewing and requires the Flash player plugin for your browser which can be downloaded here. Download the latest Flash player
  • The 3D model has been optimised for WAI accessibility, allowing the model to be controlled with the keyboard. The controls are listed below:

    Tab key to move through controls
    I key zooms map in
    O key zooms map out
    Left arrow key moves years forward
    Right arrow key moves years backwards
    Up & Down arrow keys select pollutants

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