Basic Statistics » 2012 Annual Statistics for Tower Hamlets - Mile End Road » Comparison to Air Quality Objectives
Pollutant Objective Was the Objective achieved?
Carbon Monoxide 10 mg/m3 as a maximum daily running 8 hour mean = 0 YES
Nitrogen Dioxide 200 ug/m3 as a 1 hour mean, not to be exceeded more than 18 times a year = 2 YES
Nitrogen Dioxide 40 ug/m3 as an annual mean = 60 NO
Note 1: The results are based on the new daily air quality index which is in use from the 1st of January 2012.
Note 2: All results from TEOM PM10 analysers from 2004 onward are now converted to reference equiavlence using the volatile correction method.
Note 3: This information is calculated twice daily, so may not reflect the latest data.
Valid data capture rates for the year are shown below. Where less than 90% is achieved statistics should be used for guidance only:
Species Value
Carbon Monoxide (99%)
Nitrogen Dioxide (99%)
All data fully ratified
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