Annual Pollution Maps
Modelled annual mean PM10 air pollution, based on measurements made during 2016.
This map was used with permission from The Greater London Authority and Transport for London, who fund, develop and maintain the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory. For more information please visit
Key: Annual mean PM10 air pollution for 2016, in microgrammes per metre cubed (ug/m3)
PM10 <16ug/m3 PM10 16-19ug/m3 PM10 19-22ug/m3 PM10 22-25ug/m3 PM10 25-28ug/m3 PM10 28-31ug/m3 PM10 31-34ug/m3 PM10 34-37ug/m3 PM10 37-40ug/m3 PM10 40-43ug/m3 PM10 43-46ug/m3 PM10 46-49ug/m3 PM10 49-52ug/m3 PM10 52-55ug/m3 PM10 55-58ug/m3 PM10 >58ug/m3
<16 16 19 22 25 28 31 34 37 40 43 46 49 52 55 >58

Passes annual mean objective

Fails annual mean objective


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