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2020 Air Quality Strategy Objective Statistics: All Objectives

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What are the AQS Objectives
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The table below shows whether pollution levels recorded at the site you have selected remained within the Government's Air Quality Strategy Objectives in 2020. For further basic statistics click on the button below, or for more precise statistics, use the Statistics Calculator.
Pollutant Objective Was it achieved? Value
PM10 Particulate 40 ug/m3 as an annual mean YES 22
PM10 Particulate 50 ug/m3 as a 24 hour mean, not to be exceeded more than 35 times a year YES 6
PM10 (redundant method) 40 ug/m3 as an annual mean YES 26
PM10 (redundant method) 50 ug/m3 as a 24 hour mean, not to be exceeded more than 35 times a year YES 11
Nitrogen Dioxide 200 ug/m3 as a 1 hour mean, not to be exceeded more than 18 times a year YES 0
Nitrogen Dioxide 40 ug/m3 as an annual mean NO 51
* Note that all objectives have been calculated using a method defined in 2013.
* Note that results are excluded where analysers have not returned valid data for at least 90% of the year, unless a short-term objective was exceeded.
* Note - all results from TEOM PM10 analysers from 2004 onward are now converted to reference equivalence using the volatile correction method. Results using the old 'TEOM*1.3' method are also shown for comparison where relevant. More information.
* Note that this information is calculated twice daily, so may not reflect the latest data.
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