LAQN Pollution Episodes

Pollution Notification released on 08/11/2010

‘Very High’ Pollution Incident Notification from King’s College London

  • Guy Fawkes events and Diwali celebrations caused ‘Very High’ PM10 particulate at two sites in London.
  • Widespread ‘high’ PM10 particulate was measured at 16 sites in London and one site in Thurrock, Essex.
  • ‘Moderate’ PM10 was measured at a further 44 sites in London and three sites in south-east England (Lewes, Sevenoaks, Watford).

Locally elevated PM10 particulate was measured close to Guy Fawkes and Diwali events on the night of Friday 5th November but the wet and windy weather prevented build up of widespread pollution. However concentrations at the Lewes, East Sussex site did reach ‘moderate’ towards midnight on Friday. Lewes is famous for its Guy Fawkes celebrations which include torch lit parades, bonfire and fireworks. The greatest PM10 particulate levels were measured on the night of Saturday 6th November at most sites during calm weather conditions with elevated concentrations persisting into Sunday morning. A further PM10 particulate peak was seen on Sunday evening but increased winds caused rapid dispersion and only one London site measured ‘moderate’ PM10 into Monday morning.

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