LAQN Pollution Levels
Camden - Swiss Cottage (no data)
Tower Hamlets - Victoria Park (closed)
Islington - Upper Street (closed)
Newham - Cam Road (Level 1)
Brent - St Marys Primary School (closed)
Camden - Coopers Lane (closed)
Islington - Duncan Terrace (closed)
Brent - ARK Franklin Primary Academy (Level 2)
Camden - Euston Road (closed)
Tower Hamlets - Bethnal Green (closed)
Hackney - Old Street (Level 2)
Marylebone Road - BAM (Level 1)
Westminster - Marylebone Road FDMS (closed)
Tower Hamlets - Mile End Road (Level 1)
Westminster - Marylebone Road (Level 2)
Camden - Bloomsbury (Level 2)
Camden - St Martins College (NOX 2) (closed)
City of London - Beech Street (Level 2)
Kensington and Chelsea - North Ken (no data)
North Kensington MET (closed)
Kensington and Chelsea - North Ken FIDAS (no data)
Kensington and Chelsea - North Ken FDMS (closed)
Camden - St Martins College (NOX 1) (closed)
Camden - Holborn (Bee Midtown) (Level 2)
Tower Hamlets - Blackwall (Level 2)
Newham - Tant Avenue (closed)
Newham - Wren Close (Level 2)
Westminster - Cavendish Square (Level 2)
Westminster - Oxford Street East (Level 3)
Camden - Shaftesbury Avenue (closed)
City of London - Guildhall (no data)
City of London - Farringdon Street (Level 1)
City of London - The Aldgate School (Level 1)
Westminster - Duke Street (Grosvenor) (Level 2)
Westminster - Oxford Street (Level 2)
Westminster - Regent St (Crown Estate) (Level 2)
Westminster - Covent Garden (Level 2)
Westminster - Strand (Northbank BID) (no data)
City of London - Senator House (closed)
City of London - Walbrook Wharf (Level 2)
Tower Hamlets - Poplar (closed)
Westminster - Charing Cross Library (closed)
City of London - Upper Thames Street (no data)
Newham - Hoola Tower (Level 1)
Westminster - Waterloo Pl (Crown Estate) (Level 2)
Newham - Britannia Gate (Level 1)
Hammersmith and Fulham - Shepherds Bush (closed)
Southwark - Tower Bridge Road (Level 2)
Westminster - Victoria Street (closed)
Hammersmith and Fulham - Brook Green (closed)
Kensington and Chelsea - Knightsbridge (closed)
Westminster - Victoria (Victoria BID) (closed)
Southwark - Lower Road (Level 2)
Westminster - Victoria (closed)
Greenwich - Tunnel Avenue (Level 1)
Greenwich - John Harrison Way (Level 2)
Kensington and Chelsea - Cromwell Road (closed)
Westminster - Horseferry Road (Level 2)
Greenwich - Millennium Village (closed)
Kensington and Chelsea - Pembroke Road (closed)
Westminster - Ebury Street (Grosvenor) (Level 2)
Westminster - Buckingham Palace Road (closed)
Westminster - Bridge Place (closed)
Southwark - Elephant and Castle (Level 2)
Southwark - Heygate (closed)
Westminster - Elizabeth Bridge (Level 2)
Southwark - Larcom Street (closed)
Tower Hamlets - Millwall Park (closed)
Hammersmith and Fulham - Broadway (closed)
Kensington and Chelsea - Earls Court Rd (closed)
Greenwich - Woolwich Flyover (Level 2)
Kensington and Chelsea - Green Screen BG (closed)
Kensington and Chelsea - Green Screen RS (closed)
Lambeth - Bondway Interchange (Level 6)
Lambeth - Vauxhall Cross (closed)
Kensington and Chelsea - Kings Road (closed)
Greenwich - Trafalgar Road (closed)
Greenwich - Trafalgar Road (Hoskins St) (Level 2)
Southwark - Old Kent Road (closed)
Lewisham - Mercury Way (closed)
Southwark - A2 Old Kent Road (Level 2)
Southwark - A2 Old Kent Road FIDAS (Level 2)
Lewisham - Deptford (Level 1)
Wandsworth - Battersea (Level 2)
Lewisham - New Cross (no data)
Southwark - Vicarage Grove (Level 2)
Greenwich - Blackheath (Level 2)
Richmond Upon Thames - Barnes Wetlands (Level 1)
Lewisham - Loampit Vale (Level 2)
Lambeth - Brixton Road (Level 3)
Lambeth - Loughborough Junct (closed)
Lewisham -Laurence House Catford (Level 1)
Wandsworth - Putney (Level 1)
Wandsworth - Putney High Street Facade (Level 3)
Wandsworth - Lavender Hill (Clapham Jct) (Level 2)
Wandsworth - Putney High Street (Level 3)
Wandsworth - Wandsworth Town Hall (Level 2)
Greenwich - Westhorne Avenue (Level 2)
Wandsworth - High Street (closed)
Wandsworth - Garratt Lane (closed)
Lewisham - Honor Oak Park (Level 2)
Lewisham - Catford (closed)
Lambeth - Christchurch Road (closed)
Southwark - South Circular Road (Level 2)
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Peak air pollution levels for Thursday 27 January 2022

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Low (1-3) Moderate (4-6) High (7-9)
Very High (10) No Data Closed
Very High (10) No Data Closed
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Air pollution banding Value Accompanying health messages for at-risk groups and the general population
At-risk individuals * General population
Low 1-3 Enjoy your usual outdoor activities. Enjoy your usual outdoor activities.
Moderate 4-6 Adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, who experience symptoms, should consider reducing strenuous physical activity, particularly outdoors. Enjoy your usual outdoor activities.
High 7-9 Adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, should reduce strenuous physical exertion, particularly outdoors, and particularly if they experience symptoms. People with asthma may find they need to use their reliever inhaler more often. Older people should also reduce physical exertion. Anyone experiencing discomfort such as sore eyes, cough or sore throat should consider reducing activity, particularly outdoors.
Very High 10 Adults and children with lung problems, adults with heart problems, and older people, should avoid strenuous physical activity. People with asthma may find they need to use their reliever inhaler more often. Reduce physical exertion, particularly outdoors, especially if you experience symptoms such as cough or sore throat.
* Adults and children with heart or lung problems are at greater risk of symptoms. Follow your doctor's usual advice about exercising and managing your condition. It is possible that very sensitive individuals may experience health effects even on Low air pollution days.
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