LAQN Monitoring Sites
Thurrock - London Road (Purfleet) (Roadside/Kerbside)
Reigate and Banstead - Horley FIDAS (Suburban)
Elmbridge - Hampton Court Parade (Roadside/Kerbside)
Elmbridge - Walton High Street (Roadside/Kerbside)
Castle Point - Hadleigh (Roadside/Kerbside)
Dacorum - High Street Northchurch (Roadside/Kerbside)
Windsor and Maidenhead - Aldebury Road (Urban Background)
Reigate and Banstead - Horley (Suburban)
Reigate and Banstead - Horley South East (Suburban)
Reigate and Banstead- Earlswood Depot (Industrial)
Thurrock - Dock Road Tilbury (Roadside/Kerbside)
Thurrock - Calcutta Road Tilbury (Roadside/Kerbside)
Sevenoaks - Sevenoaks Quarry (Industrial)
Brentwood - Brentwood Town Hall (Urban Background)
Castle Point - Canvey Island (Urban Background)
Thurrock - Stanford-le-Hope (Roadside/Kerbside)
Windsor and Maidenhead - Frascati Way (Roadside/Kerbside)
Thurrock - Purfleet (Roadside/Kerbside)
Thurrock - London Road (Grays) (Urban Background)
Windsor and Maidenhead - Clarence Road (Roadside/Kerbside)
Windsor and Maidenhead - Ascot (Suburban)
Elmbridge - Bell Farm Hersham (Urban Background)
Elmbridge - Esher High Street (Roadside/Kerbside)
Mole Valley - Leatherhead (Suburban)
Mole Valley - Lower Ashtead (Suburban)
Sevenoaks - Bat and Ball (Roadside/Kerbside)
Mole Valley - Dorking (Urban Background)
Sevenoaks - Greatness Park (Urban Background)
Reigate and Banstead - Reigate High St (Roadside/Kerbside)
Reigate and Banstead - A23 Hooley (Roadside/Kerbside)
Reigate and Banstead - Horley South (Suburban)
Reigate and Banstead - Poles Lane (Suburban)
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Network details for all continuous monitoring sites.

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  • Monitoring sites classification
Monitoring sites are divided into six different classes, depending on their proximity to major sources of pollution:
Kerbside Kerbside Sites with sample inlets within 1m of the kerb of a busy road. Sampling heights are within 2-3m of the ground.
Roadside Roadside Sites with sample inlets between 1m and 5m of the kerbside. Sampling heights are within 2-3m of the ground.
Urban Background Urban Background Urban locations away from major sources and broadly representative of town/city-wide background concentrations, e.g. urban residential areas.
Suburban Suburban Sites typical of residential areas on the outskirts of a town or city.
Rural Rural Rural locations distanced from major population centres, roads, industrial areas or other pollution sources.
Industrial Industrial Sites where industrial emissions make an significant contribution to pollution levels.
Each class of site will record pollution levels which can be considered broadly representative of similar locations nearby. For example, an 'Urban Background' site in an urban area will record levels similar to those found in many nearby residential areas, whereas a 'Roadside' site will record levels more representative of those close to roads of comparative size. Care must be taken when comparing results from different classes of sites.
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