Commonwealth Leaders Visit to Lambeth
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On Tuesday 9th May, London Borough of Lambeth hosted a delegation from around the Commonwealth. Comprising senior leaders from private and public sectors and non-profit organisations, the visit was arranged by the organisation Common Purpose to gain an overview of the public health issues in Lambeth, with a focus on air quality and respiratory health.

The event started with a series of talks. These included an overview of public health in Lambeth, initiatives to reduce NO2 along the A23 corridor through traffic management measures, and a presentation by King’s on the PM10 pollution measured at the Vauxhall monitoring site so far in 2017.

The delegation then visited St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, which is by a number of busy roads which lead to the nearby gyratory system at Vauxhall. The head teacher spoke about the impact of pollution on the children’s health. Some of the children at St Anne’s have been involved in monitoring NO2 around the school grounds using diffusion tubes, and seven of them have been appointed as ‘Air Ambassadors’ to promote the project. The visit finished with a demonstration by King’s of the Lambeth - Bondway Interchange LAQN monitoring site nearby and its measurement instrumentation.

It’s hoped that the event gave the Commonwealth delegation an insight into the air pollution problems being faced by Lambeth and boroughs across London, and some of the initiatives being introduced to tackle these issues.

Item date 17/05/2017

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