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June 21st was a busy day. Shortly after the LAQN seminar wrapped up, a community architecture event at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) saw the launch of 'Pea Soup House' an imaginative air quality themed installation serving free soup to the public - the flavour depending on the King's air quality forecast for the day.

Pea Soup House is the work of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (FCBStudios) and is one of three winners from the RIBA 'Constructing Communities' open call which set out to find works by large to small practices and students, responding to ideas of how architecture can influence or create communities.

Working with Kings, the team at FCBStudios used air quality data in the construction of the installation, colouring the slats according to air quality index values from nearby monitoring stations.

Inside the structure, the team have created engaging and informative infographics from LAQN data to educate visitors on London's air quality.

The genius of the idea is the serving of a soup each day according to the air quality forecast - pea & mint soup for Low, butternut squash for Moderate, red pepper & chilli for High and beetroot & horseradish for Very High.

Andrew Grieve spoke at the launch and congratulated FCB on their inspirational work. Pea Soup House will be running at RIBA for 6 weeks over summer with soup served daily from 12-2pm. Please go along and lend your support to this unique and innovative public engagement project.

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Item date 11/07/2016

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