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King's College London, commissioned by the Greater London Authority and Transport for London, have published a new report which, for the first time, estimates the mortality burden of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution in London as well as a new estimate for PM2.5.

The mortality burden is expressed as life-years lost across the population as a result of deaths in 2010. This result is also expressed as ‘equivalent deaths at typical ages’, the deaths that would account for the loss of life years if PM2.5 or NO2 were the sole cause. Generally, many different factors contribute to the development of disease and consequent deaths.

The report extends the previous Institute of Medicine (IOM) work (Miller, 2010) to cover effects of short-term exposure to PM2.5 and NO2 as well as the economic valuation of short and long-term effects of both pollutants.

Key findings:

The report makes a special thanks to the London boroughs who participate in the London Air Quality Network for the contribution of data which underpins the modelling work in this research.

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Item date 17/07/2015

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