Royal Society of Chemistry Christmas air quality conference 2014 News from the LAQN

Fracking, black carbon, biomass burning and shipping all feature at this year’s Royal Society of Chemistry air quality conference.

Sessions include one specifically devoted to the work of the UK Air Quality Expert Group, with presentations on pollution sources that are either relatively new, or ones that have not yet received the attention they merit. These encompass shipping, biomass burning as well as an assessment of the evidence for photocatalytic paints as a means to reduce NOx concentrations. Other sessions will focus on air pollution issues around shale gas extraction (often called "fracking"), black carbon and advances in air quality measurement - an on-going theme of this conference series.

This year’s event is also linked to the final conference of the EU CARBOTRAF project.

Please click on the link below for full details and registration information.

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Item date 20/10/2014

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