LondonAir Conference 21st June 2016
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60 years on from the Clean Air Act - air pollution in London today.

This year’s London Air Quality Network (LAQN) Conference will mark the 60th anniversary of the Clean Air Act. Three themed sessions will span air quality in London today, the evolution since the 1950s of our understanding of the effects of air pollution on health and a glimpse at what the future may hold.

The conference will take place on 21st June 2016 in King’s College London’s Franklin Wilkins Building on Stamford Street.

The LAQN is a unique collaboration between the public, private and academic sectors. The annual conference is a chance for air quality researchers and practitioners to discuss the latest findings and developments in the field. The seminar is free to our funding organisations, project partners, NGOs, researchers and collaborators. Non - sales representatives of other organisations are welcome to attend at a charge of £95 + VAT per person.

To book your place please register using the Eventbrite service.

Item date 20/05/2016

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