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Air Quality Strategy Objectives Generated for the 12 month period commencing » 1-jan-2011

Pollutant Objective Result Achieved
Site selected » Westminster - Marylebone Road FDMS
PM10 Particulate 40 ug/m3 as an annual mean 38 YES
PM10 Particulate 50 ug/m3 as a 24 hour mean, not to be exceeded more than 35 times a year 57 NO
Note 1: All results from TEOM PM10 analysers from 2004 onward are now converted to reference equiavlence using the volatile correction method. Results using the old 'TEOM*1.3' method are also shown in grey for comparison where relevant. More information.

Note 2: Ratification information is shown below. Results based on provisional data must be considered with care. Why?
Warning: Westminster - Marylebone Road FDMS - All data fully ratified
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